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...Savage Engineers Ltd wishes you a 'steamy' 2011....

UPDATE: After too long time of no running, we fired up the engine last week with no issues!

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Savage Engineers Ltd is a company dedicated to the building of New Steam Tractors inspired by original British steam tractors and steam tractors of the European continent. The engines are built under the "Dave Bower" brand name.

The "Dave Bower" Steam Tractor is ideal as promotional vehicle at fairs but also the ultimate 'toy' for engineering hobbyists!

Our "Dave Bower" steam tractor is built almost entirely to early 20th century examples and drawings, but complies with the latest standards like the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Where suitable, modern technology is applied to our steam tractors, making sure the look and feel of a steam tractor is fully retained.

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Hooked up to be towed from the container

Dave Bower Steam Tractor in daylight under own steam

View on sight glasses from the footplate of the Dave Bower steam tractor

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